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Fina and Cupil's weekly mailbag

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Week 9
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Fina : Well, I have been quite busy this week. It has been a hard week for us all. Once again, I am geting to this late, but, at least I am geting to it. ;) Anyway, let's go on ahead and start reading the messages. *prepares to flame Thanatos*

From : Thanatos
Subject : Mailbag

Indeed, i hate you! Thats why im asking all the questions!

1. If you were transformed into a blood-thirsty monster in the same room as
Vyse, who would you munch on? Vyse, Vyse, Vyse or Vyse?

2. Can you tell Cupil to go live his life alone and enjoy his life?

3. hcnew ,adamra eht noij

4. Where in the blue hells did you get a mirror?

5. Who do you love most? Vyse (real one, not that phoney idiot behind the
monitor, mind you), Aika, Anna or yourself?

6. Did you try and invite Rammie for a tea party?

7. An overheated nuclear Pyri bomb behind your head or a sniper headshot on
your smooth face?

8. Do you play Team Fortress Classic on Half-Life? (tip: the CD is right
there on the rack near you)

I guess thats it.

*chik-chik* BLAM, thank you. Visit planethalflife.com

You don't stop, do you? Anyway, let's get these strange questions underway...
1. Thanatos
2. I love Cupil, he has been with me since I was 4. Even if I could, I would not do such a thing.
3. !loof pudahS
4. They sell them in TONS of stores all OVER Arcadia.
6. o_O No way...
7. Neither
8. No.
*sigh* Hopefully the worst is over....


From : Jon
Subject :

here is a  for soa2 will you be abel to disegn your own ship

I believe that message was screwed up. The same message was recieved at SoAworld@planetdreamcast.com but it was clear. But to answer your question, I am not involved in the making of SoA2, I have not even heard any inside info. Sorry I can't help more.


From : Evil Fan Shaz
Subject : love

Hi fina
i need to ask you some questions please anser them
1 do you go to the gym
2 do you have any brouthers
3 what do you think of ramirez having butterflies on
his pants
4 if some one deard you would you snog vigoro
5 have you had sex with ramirez
6 if you told belleza a secret would it stay that way
7 are you in love with anyone
8 if gilder had the chance do you think he would kill
       evil fan shaz

Hello Shaz. Let me get to those questions for you. :)
1. When you get into a random battle every 10 seconds, believe me, you don't NEED to go to a gym.
2. Not that I know of...
3. He what?
4. Excuse me?
5. *nearly looses lunch* uggh... not a chance in deep sky...
6. *shrugs* I don't know, I am not sure if Belleza is good at keeping secrets to be honest.
7. *smiles and stares at picture of Vyse on her desk*
8. He doens't have the nerve to do something like that.
Thanks for writing Shaz!


From : Seefee
Subject : Ya, one of those letter thingies.

Ooh.. do you have any idea how much money I've spent in order to see _YOU_ in a Blue Rogue costume?! Well over 80 bucks, dontcha know. I bought SoA two times, contacted Sega a million times, exchanged my VMU twice, and even had my Dreamcast checked once. Your little game doesn't like me. Really, I'm serious. It's a curse set upon me by the Arcadian Goddesses (like Osman~!).

Erm, question, eh? Well, seeing as how I beat SoA just yesterday, I'd like to know where the heck the Delphinus went after you beat Rammy for the third time? That looked a whole lot like the Albatross II you were sailing in at the end of the epilogue. Did little Enrique steal your ship while you were drunk on loqua? *grin*

Oh, and has Ramirez ever thought of counseling for that little killing problem of his? I know some great doctors in the area.

-- Seefee, who's now living in a cardboard box due to lack of funds.

Oh my, I am sorry to hear about the problems you had with your Dreamcast. Unfortunately, allot of people have the same problem. And, Osman only has something to do with it if your Dreamcast begins to rapidly gain weight, but that didn't happen... did it? As for the ship you see in the ending, Vyse just got drunk and took Dyne's ship for a joy ride. As for Ramirez, he has been spotted going to "Killers Anonimus" He is seeking allot of mental help as of late, though I am not sure why...


From : Guioyhglidsfhgsd
Subject : Could you possibly clone yourself and let me take a copy of you?

I would really appreciate it if you would go out with me.Since Vyse is so overprotective of you,i was wondering if you could give me a DNA sample and i could make a clone of you.

O_O A clone.... of... me? I... I don't think so... sorry... *points to Aika* She's free though...

Ah well... that's another week here at SoAWorld! I love reading your e-mails... or some of them at least. Anyway, feel free to write at soawmailbag@planetdreamcast.com. Until next time... have a good week