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Fina and Cupil's Weekly Mailbag

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Week 3

Fina : Welcome to week 3 of the mailbag. As you know, this is where you send in your questions, comments, and other
random acts of insanity. And I have to answer everything... hmmmmmmm.... Oh, and don't forget to email Cupil too! He
has not got a single message yet. Poor Cupil! *pets Cupil* Oh.... Okay... let's get to the messages...

From : Thatanos... again.

Hi again.

About that last message, you said you don't know about Ramirez being in it? Hm, thats strange, because you're supposed to. Its a planet where humans (they look alot like Arcadians) established with a futuristic space travel ship called something like, Pioneer 2 (and from what i hear, Ramirez is part of it, too).

So, if Rami knows that place, shouldn't you be too? You know your creator dreamed of you carrying a gun and that place is perfect. Its full of Photon shotguns, Photon handguns and Photon twin-Uzis! Aren't you excited?! ARE YOU, GIIIIIRRRRLLLLL?!?!? Ok, maybe not, but you should give it a try.


I still have no idea what you are talking about. Please stop talking about Ramirez! AHHH! I hate him. I always slept in on the set and he ALWAYS got the last Bagel! It made me SO mad! It is hard to act on a empty stomach! Oh... back to what you were saying... Just what is a Uzis? We don't have that on Arcadia.

From : PackersFan39

Dear Fina,

Hi! I just wanted to ask you some questions!

1.I really like you. Mind if we get together some time?
2.So why dont you just use a gun or sword or something? I think Cupil
should turn into the Delphinus as a Super Move and MoonStone Cannon
everything! That would be cool.
3. Why do you like Vyse more than me?! I am a much better man! I
.....uhhhh.....destroyed a big monster that would have destroyed Vyse! And I
used a "3 stick to do it! So lets uhhhhhh......get together

Ok... let me get through this...
(1) ... The one I love is Vyse the Legend... he is the ebsrdfyhftj...
*VTL : But... It's MY website!
*Fina : Stop~!
*VTL : It is my job!
*Fina : CUPIL! KILL!
*VTL : AHHHHHH!!!!!! *runs off*
Sorry about that. Next time... I lock the doors.
But anyway, back to your questions...
1. Um... heh.... I don't think that is possible. Sorry.
2. Hmm! I will have to remember that for SoA2. I am getting tired of paying Cupil's doctor bills.
3. It wasn't a Egg Sandwich was it?

Hi Fina  ;-)

1) is it true that you like enquire?
2) what's the deal between you and vyse?

how come in soa we did'nt hear you talk about your family? p.s are you going to be in soa2?

Ew...  No... You know when Enrique got sick? GUESS who had to clean up the mess? Yep! Me.
Well, I would not really like to go into number two at the moment. You get the idea? As for why you didn't hear
about my family... that's just a symptom of "Lazy Writer Syndrome" As for SoA2, we still are not sure.

Well, that is all for now! Until next week, Bye!