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Fina and Cupil's Weekly Mailbag

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Week 4
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Fina : This is our fourth mailbag, and I honestly say that it has done better then I expected. Cupil has not got one message yet... and we know why. I TYPED HIS EMAIL ADDRESS WRONG!!! Well, I am working on getting him a new e-mail address, so hopefully next week, he will have a working e-mail address. Well... enough about that. Let's get to the messages... again...

From : Icy Flame

Hello Fina!
I have 3 questions:

1. Does SoA World Revolve around you and Vyse?

2. Is your mailbag going to have archives?

3. What was it like living in the Silver Shrine? What did you do with Ramirez up there?

That's all I have to ask... See ya later :p

~Icy Flame~

Ok, Let me see here. Number one, I don't think it does, but seeing as they seem to be the most popular characters on the message boards, so it would be best to have more stuff for everyone's favorites. *Gets pelted with stones thrown by Aika-lovers* Ok, on to number two, Yes, in fact, I added them today. And finally number three, Nothing, he was always reading this book called "The book of random carnage" If he was not reading that, he was practicing using his sword. I got Cupil to sneak in on Ramirez once, apparently, he reads in his undies. hehehehe... um... Thanks for writing. On to the next message...

From : Thanatos

First of all, you made a typo. You spelled my nick "Thatanos" and not "Thanatos", you clumsy wench. :P

Hmm..... From : THATANOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, first of all...

1. How do you (and your friends) actually survive thousands of sword slashes, body-impaling ice cone, skin-melting lava, desintegrating electricity attacks only to fall unconscious?! HOW DO YOU THAT?! Not only that, but you don't even suffer one little scratch or misplaced hair! Tell me your secret!

2. Do you consider getting a job soon? (winks at Cupil)

3. Do you like DBZ? I hate DBZ, you should too, don't you?


5. You certainly look sexy with your new high-socks, ya know?

Well thats all... and LOOK OUT! RAMIREZ IS BEHIND YOU WITH A KNIFE!! Just kidding. [:)]

See, we never actually get hit. It just looks really convincing. *Webmaster whispers into ear* WHAT? THOSE WERE REAL SWORDS?!?! *faints* *Wakes up 5 minutes later* Ugh... where was I? Ah yes! Question two... Um... No. Question three, what is a DBZ? Question four... Ew... Good thing I killed Gilderrrrr I mean.... Finally... Question five, o_O. Ha ha... very funny Ramirez joke. *looks over shoulder* what? Next...

From : Alpha Omega

Hello, I have two VERY important questions for you.
One, Are you a virgin? and, how old is Cupil? Thanks for anwering these questions. Now I can sleep at night.

... ... um ... ... The answer to both is ... I HAVE NO FRIKIN' IDEA... wait... that answers one of them.... but which one?

From : RamirezIncarnate

Do you get Jealous when Vyse and Aika are Kissing? Are you aware that Cupil's E-mail does not work? Also, does cupil have any practical purposes (like can he turn into a bra when you forget yours?). How old are you, because you look older then Aika.

VYSE AND AIKA ARE KISSING!?!? Grrr... Heck yeah I'm jealous. I am aware that Cupil's e-mail doesn't work. I am working on it. But Cupil can do those things, Things off the top of my head are, Cupil Comb, Cupil Shoe, and Cupil Bra (Don't ask why.) Vyse, Aika, and myself are 17. Of course I look better then Aika. It is my ... nevermind....

Wow... that wraps up week 4. I should have a new e-mail address for Cupil by next week. So week 6 should be full of Cupil goodness. Until next time...