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Fina and Cupil's Weekly Mailbag

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Week 2

Fina : This is the second week of the mailbag. And the first week of getting mail. Unfortunately, we only got two messages. Cupil is also not here at the time, so I can't get his input on these. So... Let's get to our first message....

     From : Thanatos

1. Whats your favorite food? Perhaps one of those burgers at McLooper's? [:)]

2. Are you THAT very naughty to your friends? [;)]

3. Whats your favorite Sega games? I hear your boyfriend Ramirez (woohoo baby!) made an appearance and made himself a hero (and i mean a GOOD HERO!) in a world named Ragol, what do you think of that?

4. Do you wear anything else but those white clothes? Maybe you should try out black leather as quick as possible. *wink wink* [;)]

5. Whats your favorite indoor/outdoor sports? Like... mud-wrestling against Aika? [:)]

Well, thats all! Seeya!

Fina : Hmm.... Let me answer these in order...
1. I grew quite fond to MoonPies. But Looper Fries are close up there.
2. No. At least I don't think so...
3. One, Ramirez is not my boyfriend. The death threats are a obvious clue nowadays. And two, I have never heard of Ragol.
4. Indoor, um... sleeping contests.... outdoor, Clay Looper shooting. You should try the Clay Looper shooting, it is good for stress.

Oook. Now for our second message...

From : Aika
Hi Fina!!
This is Aika. How are ya. I just wanted to ask you something about you
and Vyse. In the part of the game where vyse hugged you, What where you
thinking when he hugged you. 8^) And Are they going to make the action
figures of the characters from skies of arcadia.?

Fina : Hello, I am fine. HMmmm.... that scene... Oh, sorry. I can't remember exactly what I was thinking. I do remember that I fell asleep real fast though. When you ask Vyse, he says that I fell asleep and he had to drag me back to my room. And about the action figures, I am not sure. There was a problem when Ramirez demanded that his character have a button that made him say "DIE" but the toy makers rejected the idea because it was a bad role-model I has almost been a year and we have not heard from the toy company since!

Well, That is the end of issue 2 of the Mailbag! Cupil should be back next week, but in the meantime, send us your questions, comments, and remarks about the game, site, whatever you can think of to us. Until next time...