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Fina and Cupil's Weekly Mailbag

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Week 1

Fina : Welcome to "Fina and Cupil's Mailbag"! Here, we will answer your E-Mails over the internet.
This week is our first week, so we don't have any email. So I think we should tell everyone what is going on...
I am Fina, and this is Cupil.

Cupil : Hi, just because I hang around Fina all day doesn't mean you should ignore me

Fina : Hehehe... you wouldn't believe the fun tricks we play on Vyse. Right Cupil?

Cupil : *chuckle* Yep!

Fina : I can't forget the time you took the shape of a pair of scissors after Aika teased you. You were chasing her for hours!

Cupil : Hehehe....It was just a joke though.

Fina : And she was very wrong when she thought you couldn't go under water.

Cupil : Yes, indeed she was

Fina : Well, again, because this is our first week. We do not have any e-mail. Feel free to send us a line or two.
We would love to hear from you!

Cupil : Yes, we would really appreciate to hear from you!

Fina : I guess that wraps up the first post of this mailbag. May it last and last and last like that brand of icy gum.
I like gum... I think Cupil does too...

Cupil : Mmmmmmmmmm.......gum.....

Fina : I thought so. Well, I guess we will see you all next week and will answer your e-mails.