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Fina and Cupil's Weekly Mailbag

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Week 6
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Fina : Ok, we are back yet again for Fina's mailbag. Before I get started, I would like to say that I am going on vacation next week. So to fill in on my absence, Ramirez has agreed to fill in for me. So all your e-mails sent to my address will be answered by Ramirez. Now, that I said that, lets get on to the mail.

Sent by : FinalCupil

Hi Miss Fina!! I'm glad that you and VtL both got your internet back. It must have just sucked to not have it for an entire week! I'm also glad that you got my e-mail working. Now, all my fans can start saying good things about me (:>)^

Of course, if they say any bad things about you, I will "Cupil Fury" (or "Wrath", whichever is needed) them.

Thanks for the offer FinalCupil! I will let you know if your powers of chaos are needed on Thana... people that send messages.


Sent by : Crouching Thanatos, Hidden Pervert (aka Thanatos)

Haha, yeah, what a subject. Now lets come up with some questions... hrrmmmm...

Oh yeah, first a comment: I hate that Jonathan.

Arright, now, i came up with some questions...

1. Giant hands, duh! Its only a polygonal problem! You can't control such a big thing! Im surprised you don't make any typos with that big fat ugly member, dont ya? Heh!

2. Where would you like to be most? Sent in a room alone with Ramirez or disguised as Aika and sent to a boat with Vigoro?

3. Whats life to ya? :P

4. Hmmm, does the cotton pants you have itch alot?

5. What happens if you changed bodies and got in Ramirez's, while Ramirez goes in your Fina body? What would happen?

6. And finally, why do you insist on taking my nick-name for Vyse, Fina/VtL? WHY? Wysie-Whoosie is my creation and he's a Marine! And Marines can kick your low-down creation-stealing *** in a matter of minutes!!
(NOTE: You may take a good look at him, hes such a bad*** i can guarantee that! http://thannatos.homestead.com/files/vysemarine.jpg)

What did Jonathan do other than be nicer then you?
1. *Calls Arcadian Mafia* Where do you live Thanatos?
2. Ramirez. He hates me.
3. Good?
4. They are not cotton... heck... I don't know WHAT the heck they are.
5. Ramirez would kill people and make little, innocent old ME look bad! I would go scare the @#$% out of Aika one morning...
6. You can't stop love... VYSEIE-WHOOSIE!


Sent by : JoeRPG

I need to know how to turn off trainer as well so i dont have 9999HP?

Uh... what? Gameshark? I dunno...


Sent by : RamirezIncarnate

Hello Fina. I bet you wonder how I keep coming up with questions, but fans need to know these things!

1) What was the name of your ship that you used to get to and from the silver shrine?
2) What was the name of your doll up in the Silver Shrine (and yes you did have a doll, I saw it when I was there)
3) Why do you only let cupil come out during battles, when you first showed him to everyone, and in the final cutscene? Poor cupil!
4) What year is it in SoA right now?
5) What did you do with your old clothes?
6) Do you sleep with clothes on, and if so, what clothes?
7) Have you ever worried about slipping and falling off an island?
8) What is your favorite color?
9) In SoA2, will you be mad if Vyse marries Aika, and if so, would you like to marry him, and if so, would you mind sharing him with Aika?
10) What is your favorite food?
11) How much loqua can you drink?
12) err...runnin out of questions....Ok last one. Where do you buy your underware? I hope it's not from Osman.

Thanks and keep answerin weird questions!

Woah! That's allot of questions, let's go...
1. It is called the "VyseRocks" I KNEW we should of let the crew vote on a name, but NOOO we had to be nice and let HIM choose.
2. When given to me, she was called "Doll Prime" but I didn't like that name and called her "Cupitte."
3. Cupil is actually shy. Not so much anymore though.
4. It is the year.... *looks at calendar* I dunno... I STILL can't read those @#$% things...
5. They are hanging in the closet right now... what's left of em that is. I used some of it to make my new outfit.
6. I sleep in night clothes... like everyone on Crescent Isle... except Brabham...*shudder*
7. *gets paranoid* Don't SCARE me like that...
8. Silver.... but... maybe green... or blue... I like them all... except Orange... and that color Osman wears... yuck.
9. Yes, Yes, and NO WAY!
10. Moonpie!
11. Let's see... *takes a sip* ....woah *starts wobbling* yOu Aer onE finea looken LooPer... *passes out*
12. *Wakes up hours later* Ughh... oh... the mailbag! Right... okay... There is some place in Nasrad the crew gets most their clothes, but we get them everywhere. Thanks for writing... and not being very "Thanatosy"

Sent by : Pichopower

Hello Fina!
Well, i just wanted to say that you are my favorite character! you are so
cool! i think that you and Vyse make a cute couple. What's your favorite
color? I think that some people that write to you are so rude! Well, thank
you, bye!

Thank you. Thank you. I think we do too! Well, it took me three hours to answer the last guy that asked that question. Naturally, Silver. But being around Vyse has given me a liking for the color blue. I know some people are rude! *gives Thanatos evil stare* EVIL FINA STANCE!!!!!! OW MY LEG! *falls down* Oww..... thanks for writing...


Sent by : JoeRPG

Well i got the US version and got 30 Hours in the game
and switched to disc 2, But my US disc 2 was faulty
and since it came out in EB, I bought the`PAL (Europe)
Version as it just came out in AUST! But the save file
doesnt load fome US to AU? I cant play ! Ill have to
start again but my DC is Soon Dying!

Please send me a PAL SoA save file with no Cheats like
TRAINER on etc up to the end of disc 1 near Yafutoma?
or Disc 2 Start! I found not many discoveries:) Maybe
i can help you someday if someone helps me!

Send the save file to Joe_Rpg@Telstra.com through the
DC net using Web browser 2.0 or higher:) THANKS IN ADVANCE!

I can't help you there, maybe someone else can. Hope SOMEONE can help...


Sent by : DarkSpankyM

1. Hey Fina are u a virgin?
2. Is Cupil ur sex toy?
3. Do u want Vyse sweet loven?

Notice you are the only one laughing?

Sent by : dadi

good day to all. i'm writing you from asia;
specifically the philippines. a week ago, my 7 year
old daughter reveived a dreamcast machine as a
birthday gift. included in the package were 10 cds
(quake 3, vanishing point, test drive v rally, sega
gt, skies of arcadia, etc).

it was just last night that we started playing SoA and
believe me, i didn't think RPG were this good. the
graphics were awesome; as drop-jaw awesome! it was
kind of dificult trying to navigate and maneouvre at
first but we got used to it eventually.

we would play alternately for almost hours. however,
you could imagine my disappointment when i tried
playing the 2nd cd. at first it seemed ok and then
thsi message was flashed, "open your dreamcast machine
and replace disc 2 with disc 1". after replacing disc
2 with disc 1, this message came out, "you have placed
an invalid disc, please insert disc 1" or something to
that effect.

what's wrong with the disc. by the way, these are
pirated or cd copies of the original. becasue of the
very prohibitive cost of original cds, enterprising
individuals have found a way to replicate these cds.

i hope you can enlighten me on my predicament. thank
you very much and best regards.

Well, I know Dreamcast disks are already sensitive. And in many cases, Skies of Arcadia is very sensitive to scratches and marks. In my case, I had to replace my Dreamcast to get my copy to work. Seeing as it is a pirated copy, I do not know what you can do, other then buy a new copy. I bought two copies of the game, returned one, and sent the other in when I sent my Dreamcast in for repairs. They gave me a refurbished DC, and yet another new copy of SoA. You can try cleaning your Dreamcast, but I am not sure if it will make a difference in his case. It may simply be a bad disk. My guess is that you could try to get your hands on a new copy. Sorry that I can't help more on this issue. I would tell you to contact Sega, but that is irrelevant in this case. Hope you get to finish the game! - Fina

Okay, I survived another! Remember, next week Ramirez will be taking over for me! Yay! Vyse, Aika and I are going on Vacation... but Aika won't be able to go when she suddenly breaks both of her legs when I... er.... nevermind... Maybe I can get some pictures... maybe... Until next week, send in your mail! VACATION! WOOHOO!