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Week 7
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Note from Fina : If you remember what I told you last week, I am on vacation. I will be back for the next mailbag, so this week, Ramirez has been hired to fill in. I will be back next week, so don't worry.

Ramirez : Hi.

Sent by : Belleza

>From Belleza aka the #1 Ramirez fangirl!!!!

<seductive voice> Hey, Ramirez. I heard you were taking over for Fina, well
in that case, I have to ask you some questions. Don't be shy, honey..

1) Do you know that you are the sexiest man in Arcadia?

2) Do you wear boxers or briefs?

3) Wouldn't it be romantic if you called down the Rains of Destruction on
Arcadia so that we could have the world to ourselves?

4) Did you do anything with Galcian?! Because if you did, I'M GOING TO KILL
YOU!!!!!! ARGH!!!!!!!!

5) Err, can I have children with you?

Well, that's it for now. Meet me tonight in your bedroom at eleven, and
don't be late!!! MUCH Love, your #1 fangirl!!!!! ; *

I am not sexy... I am... mean and I make things DIE! And I am NOT going to tell you that my boxers have cute little butterflies and HEY! And if I DID call down the rains, Galcian and I would be the last to stand and do... those things evil rulers do. ALL WE DID IS MAKE PANCAKES, DRESSES AND... AND.... PLANS! EVIL PLANS MIND YOU! EVIL! REALLY REALLY EVIL! And er... I... uh... Are YOU EVIL?


Sent by : Thanatos

Ah, finally! We have some decent Mailbag service! Ok, mister Ramirez, you may-

What the f'kin moons?! Get your hands away from my Galcian figurine! *slaps Rammie's hand* I got it from a travelling salesman in the suburbs of... nevermind. Umm, AND IM NOT EAGER TO LET IT GO! Therem now on to the questions

(by the way, Fina/VtL should know that everybody here comes to the mailbag just to read my messages) (and yes, i am happy in my ignorance)

1. Instead of working as Galcian's little handmaiden (notice the "maiden" word, you poor shmuck), couldn't you work as a jeweller? You would make more money (and hopefully) wouldn't lose your dignity by servicing that 50-60 years old retard.

2. Can i have your invincibility cheat? It would save me money from buying a Game Shark.

3. Ooh ooh! Theres alot of guys back there that really likes you! They even made characters named Ramirez too!

Oh, what im talking about? They made plenty of Ramirez characters over at Phantasy Star Online. And one of them might be YOU, which means you probably visited Ragol, didnt you? Hows the machine guns and the new photon blades? Heh heh...

4. Did you ever slept, or maybe you don't on purpose just to raise that "bad guy appeal"?

5. It musn't be fun for the admirals wearing tight latex/leather all day long, no? Specially if you don't sleep.

6. How do you magically warp your sword in and out? Must be an optical illusion? Or one of those magician tricks?

7. Whats your favorite drink?

8. How was your life as an high school student? HE HE HE HE!!

9. Whats your favorite sport? Fencing, i presume?

I AM INSULTED THAT YOU THINK I WANT YOUR GALCIAN DOLL NOW DI... Can I just see it? And I like working for Galcian. He is the only man in this world worth of owning your ***! It's not a cheat, it's a.... DIE! Who likes me? I am evil they should HATE ME! And I NEVER SLEEP... Except during Teodora's boring speeches. The only thing that would wake me up is the incoherent squeal coming from Alfonso's general direction. I sleep with my eyes open and no one knows. My sword is REAL! It is a EXPANDOMATIC Sword! And Silver spray paint makes it all shiny! I would not wear the tight leather, but I wear what Galcian makes me wear. I don't drink, if I got drunk it would SO kill my bad guy appeal. Oh girl, don't get me started on my hiEY I DIDN'T HAVE HIGH SCHOOL! YOU DIE NOW! WHAT? ONE MORE? Grr... Yes I like fencing! Wanna see?! DIE!! *cleaves e-mail in two*


Sent by : RamirezIncarnate

I have even more questions!

1) How are you today?
2) What do you eat for lunch?
3) Do they have soda in Arcadia, and if so what kind? If you don't know what soda is, it is like loqua, only really fizzy.
4) Do you and Aika ever have girl talk?
5) In the game, you always seem to get along with Aika, but in the mailbag you always diss her. What happened?
6) When you lived at the Silver shrine, did you just wear that one dress all the time, or did you have other dresses?
7) How and where did you take a bath at the silver shrine?
8) When you arrived in Arcadia, did it seem weird that things were all right-side-up (or upside-down depending on your perspective of the silver shrine)?
9) On the top of the silver shrine, are things right side up?
10) What is the largest body of water in Arcadia?
11) Do you have cars in arcadia? If you don't know what cars are, they are like Dabu, but with wheels, or like ships that don't fly.
12) How often a week do you get a sexually suggestive question?
13) Do you like getting sexually suggestive questions? If so, why, and if not, why not?
14) Any thoughts on how the mailbag is doing?

*gazes over message* Hmmm This is for FINA!... well least I'm getting paid...
1) I am bad today.
2) I eat Chao for breakfast!
3) I know of nothing called Soda. How DARE you insult my intelligence! DI.... oh...
5) *stands up from table* I NEVER GOT ALONG! SHE WILL DI... AW @#$% IT!!!
7) Bath?
8) adamra eht nioj
9) Uh... Nes? or... Yo.
10) *must not make Osman joke*
11) No.. we... dont?
12) I get one every... HEY THATS BAD!
13) I think they are really... what questions?
14) This Is the BEST. WEEK. EVER!!!

Now that I have answered these questions, Galcian and I are going out for... EVIL THINGS! Oh, and miss what's her face will be back next week. BIE!!!