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Fina and Cupil's Weekly Mailbag

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Week 5
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Fina : Uhgghh... after loosing my internet connection for one week made it impossible to update the mailbag. But we are back now so keep the messages rolling in. Let's get to the first message...

From : Thanatos

Hi again! Oh, the subject line? Well, i guess i should make it fair, with you mistyping my name instead of copying/pasting. Well, on to ze queztionz...

1. What will you do if Vyse cheats on you? (you know, like pretending he loves you when he goes to loqua/beer parties with Aika)

2. Thats some mean big hands you have there! And i thought Arcadians had small hands? (NOTE TO THE FANS READING THIS: Japanese have small hands, right? If they created anime and then SoA, shouldn't Arcadians have small hands, too?)

3. What kind of music do you listen to?

4. If there were 2 mens left on the world, and they were Adrian Shephard and Gordon Freeman, who would you choose? Gordon Freeman is a high-intellectual bio-chemist and studies err... almost the same things as Illychimis does and takes pride in wacking you with a crow-shaped bar! While Adrian Shephard is a friendly soldier who likes to rat-tat-tat bad-ass naughty little girls (or boys, whatever) like you! So who would you choose?

5. Are you sometimes jealous that you don't have a bust size as big as Belleza? (If you don't know whats a bust, its the two things which you put your Cupil bras on)

And finally, you won't mind if i put my arms around you and say you're the cutest girl in Arcadia, won't you? [;)]


ARGH! Now, look what you've done! You actually made me say that! You're not Fina! YOU'RE VYSE THE LEGEND!! SECURITY!!

Yay... it's you... again...
1. Vyse can't do loqua. One glass and he is out. No threat there.
2. Hey, bigger hands are better when I slap you for your next lewd remark! Don't see ME griping eh?
3. We don't really have music here on Arcadia.
4. Uh... Number three?
5. *readies 'giant hands'*

From : Kevin

Hey Fina! How ya doing? Well, I've got a couple questions for you.

1. Why is your MP so high?
2. Do you hate Aika?
3. Do you think Vyse is hot?
4. Have you ever made a "video" with Vyse?
5. What are your feelings towards Isapa?
6. Did you know that you are the most beautiful person in SOA?
7. What's wrong with Belle? Is she high or something?
8. Can you do me a favor and accidentally kill Osman?
9. Am I asking too many questions?
10. Has Vyse ever "touched" you?

I am doing just fine!
1. It has something to do with what I eat... I think... Maybe it is my shampoo?
2. Hang around her for a week and answer will reveal itself.
3. Vyseie... Mmmmmm.... Oh um... Why do you say that?
4. What's a "Video?"
5. He is a dirty old man.
6. Yes I do. heh heh heh... I mean... Thank you!
7. Indeed she is, but on what we still don't know.
8. Her trade ship will accidentally blow up in 5....4......3......2......1....
9. What do you think?
10. *readies 'giant hands'*

From : Jonathan

Hello, Fina i got a few honest questions about you.

1: Doesnt thanatos make you sick? All he asks is perverted questions.

2: In SoA when we went to your shrine, there wasnt very much there. I mean 5/6 of it was a huge maze. Didnt you ever get bored up there?

3: When you first saw Vyse, was it love at first sight?

4: Does cupil have teeth? (i figured id ask you since hes busy right now.)


Yay! Honest questions! ;)
1. He can at times. It is best to ignore him at those times.
2. It was a giant borefest. Although I do hold the fastest time for the maze of nothingness on 6 hours and 38 minutes. BEAT THAT! Hah!
3. ......MMmmmmmmmm.....Vyseie
4. Cupil has teeth when he wants teeth. He just learned that Aika will stop trying to put make-up on him if he tries to bite her, so he will have teeth allot more now.
Thanks for writing!

From : RamirezIncarnate

1) When all the quests are done, and you are just sailing with Vyse and Aika, what do you guys do to pass the time?
2) Have you ever been inhaled by final cupil? If so, how did it feel? If not, you should try it! I bet it feels great!
3) Do you Vyse and Aika share the same bed, or do you have different rooms?
4) What is the name of your ship that you get at the end of the game?
5) How often do you take a bath, where do you take a bath, and whom do you take a bath with?
6) Can cupil fly far away from you, or is he limited to how far away he can fly from you? How far can he fly?
7) Finally, do you enjoy responding to vaugely suggestive mail, or is it not so enjoyable for you?


Okie... Let's get going...
1. Well, we still smash Baltor's face in. For fun, we fought Baltor in a life raft and slingshot. It was a long fight, but when there is nothing more to do...
2. No, but Vyse has. Cupil thought Vyse was trying to peek in on me. But Vyse said he was just cleaning my windows really, really good. Silly Cupil...
3. We have different rooms.
4. It is called the "Vyse rocks" I KNEW we should of let the crew vote on the name, but Aika said that he WAS the captain and not to hurt is feelings.
5. Whenever I am dirty, I take one. Crescent Isle has bathrooms, they are just hidden. I take a bath with this... look... Soap on a rope! How cute!
6. He can fly quite a way away from me, just not too far.
7. It can get quite annoying.

From : Ally McBeal

Well, well... I think this place has a lot comedic potential, but the only thing is your readers write some LAME letters. Half of them are trying to hit on you or make rude sexual comments. And the other half... Well, I think they may all be from the same person... =/

My questions and comments are however...

1. Did you get your inspiration for this from the dearly beloved Cosmo Canyon's Cait Sith's mailbag?

2. This being only the fourth installment, are you trying to find a comfortable characterization for yourself, Fina?

3. I think you should tag-team with Aika so you(Fina) won't seem so OOC. (that's out of character).

It's been a while since there's been a GOOD RPG char mailbag.

Feel Free to put my email up.

-Ally-Chan aka Suture

I think you are right there... very, very right. No offense though.
1. No, I have actually never heard of that.
2. Yes I am, hope I am doing this well.
3. Actually, we tried that in the tests, but it just didn't work out... Here is a out take...

Fina : And welcome to this we..
Aika : This weeks MAILBAG! YEAH!
Fina : ... Now let's get to o....
Aika : OUR FIRST message!
Fina : Okay it
Vyse : I didn't write that message...
Aika : Oh... okay. The NEXT message is...
Fina : *sigh*

As you can see, it was a bad idea.  I hope this is considered a good mailbag by your standards, and everyone else for that matter. Thanks for for writing!

From: Sueng "Dragon" Xiang

Dear Fina,
I noticed an abundance of similarities Skies of
Arcadia has with Grandia 2. Did you know that both of
the three main characters in each game have sort of a
love triangle, and both the "naughty wild" girls are
redheaded. And the nice nice ones are blonde. And
another thing why is everyone drooling over you,
you're not half good looking as Millenia (Grandia 2)?


Interesting I never really noticed that. And for your information, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

From : The evil Chocobo

I sent a lot of e-mails to Cupil. Where are they? Damn you, Fina! DAMN

P.S: Have you, you know, "got jiggy" with Vyse?

The evil Chocobo

The REAL question here is have YOU got jiggy with Vyse? Well? Try Cupil's new address, see if it works.

Well, this wraps up this issue of the mailbag! Come back next week to see me shoot down even MORE lewd and explicit messages! Until next time then.