Skies of Arcadia Legends

     Think of Skies of Arcadia Legends as the Director's-Cut version of Skies of Arcadia for the Nintendo Gamecube. This is not a sequel. Legends is the same Skies of Arcadia we all know and love, but with five to ten hours of new and updated content. Legends includes new characters, discoveries, better graphics, backstories of events prior to the game, a more streamlined battle system, and new side-quests for you to explore. Such as the Wanted system which has you searching for criminals with a price on their head, or searching for mysterious Moonfish. But this won't be easy. Piastol, a scythe-wielding female bounty hunter, is hunting you down. Fans of the original Skies of Arcadia should definitely be sure to pick this one up. Think of this as the "DVD re-release" of Skies of Arcadia, with deleted and extended scenes.The chance of a sequel may depend on how well Legends sells, be sure to get the word out.

List of changes made in Legends

Release dates
Japan December 26, 2002
United States January 28, 2003
Europe May 23, 2003
Changes and Updates

It's Fina! Ain't she beautiful?

Features Include :
  • Enhanced Graphics. Brighter colors and higher detailed models
  • New scenes throughout the game
  • Tells stories of events that happened prior to the game
  • Slightly updated and tweaked Battle System
  • Hunt "Wanted" criminals down for gold and other items
  • Find "Moonfish" for rewards, such as advanced equipment or story expansion
  • Search for Piastol, a headhunter out to see Vyse dead
  • Find new ultimate weapons
  • Search the world for all new Discoveries
  • Includes the Dreamcast's downloadable add-ons.