Skies of Arcadia Legends

     There have been a large number of players ask for a comparative list between the two versions of the game. I've finally decided to take the time to do it.

What's New and What's Changed

New Content

• Wanted character list - Hunt down and turn in fugitives for rewards.
• Moonfish Quest - Find and capture Moonfish for rewards.
• Piastol Quest - Track down a bounty hunter who is out for your head
• Extended Backstory - Additions to the story tell of events that happened long before the game takes place.
• New Discoveries - Many new discoveries have been added to the game for you to find.
• New 'Ultimate Weapon' for Vyse, the Sky Fang.
• New Swashbuckler ratings for Vyse to achieve.
• Wanted character list - Hunt down and turn in fugitives for rewards.


• Updated Hi-Res models for your main party. Nothing else seems updated.
• Some audio effects have been changed or reworked.
• Many music tracks have been changed. Most sound considerably worse than the Dreamcast version.
• Texture Resolution has been reduced slightly, and bilinear filtering threshold appears to be closer to the camera, resulting in blurrier textures.
• Many semitransparent textures, such as clouds, seem fairly glitchy, and look very rough compared to the Dreamcast.
• Loading times are faster, and framerate is more consistant. However, SoAL seems to run quite slow when compared to other Gamecube games. Playing SoAL after other games like Metroid Prime make it look like it is running at half the speed. Strange.
• Some weapon stats have been changed.
• Pinta's Quest minigame has been removed.
• Swashbuckler system changed some. "Vyse the Legend" requires a near-perfect game.

• Random battle frequency appears to have been reduced. Exact numbers are unknown.
• Game now fits on a single disk. (Maybe due to texture and audio compression?)
• Dreamcast version downloadable addons are now available.
• When searching for Chams, Cupil's chirps are played through the TV, the controller vibrates, and a Cupil icon appears on-screen with an arrow pointing into his mouth.