Swashbuckler ratings

     Swashbuckler ratings are a title that is given to Vyse. When you are asked a question, if you chose the right answer, your rating goes up. If you chose an incorrect answer, or run from many battles, your rating goes down. NPC's will treat you differently depending on your rating. Some shops will sell you special items once you are past a certain rating, and some crew members will only join once you have passed a certain rating. You can view your rating by going to Vyse's stats screen. The game starts with Vyse at #1, Vyse the Unimpressive.
-1 Vyse the Ninny
1 Vyse the Unimpressive
2 Vyse the Blue Rogue
3 Vyse the Competent
4 Vyse the Determined
5 Vyse the Respected
6 Vyse the Admirable
7 Vyse the Bold
8 Vyse the Valiant
9 Vyse the Daring
10 Vyse the Dashing
11 Vyse the Fearless
12 Vyse the Hero
13 Vyse, King of Rogues
14 Vyse the Legend