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Concentrate attack power
If you have everyone in your party attack one enemy at a time, you will take them down quicker. Some people think it is better to have everyone in the party to attack one enemy, this is not true. Because, no matter how much you damage one enemy, it is still as powerful as it is at 100%. This way you can take out one enemy at a time.

When you are in fights with allot of smaller weaker enemies, use magic like Noxus or Pyri to take them all out in one turn.

Die, Loopers, Die!
Loopers are the most frustrating enemy to fight, because they are hard to hit and they run away most of the time. If you have the item 'Black map' enemies cannot run away 99.9% of the time. This lets you fight them to the death! Bwa ha ha ha ha!

Heal Outside Battle
When possible, heal outside battles so you don't go into a fight injured. When in a 'dungeon', as many people call them, there is always a save point before the boss. This is a good sign to heal your party members and restore your MP before a big battle.

Early Warning
One thing a few people have noticed is that your Dreamcast will scan the CD a second before going into a random battle. When you hear the CD read, it is a quick chance to go into the inventory screen and change anything you need to.