Miscellaneous Inforfmation & Secrets

     There is a bunch of things in or relating to Skies of Arcadia that not many people know about. Here you will find a list of these secrets, changes, and tidbits of information.

Hidden art (DC)

     If you insert your Skies of Arcadia disk into a PC CD-ROM drive and view the disk using Explorer, you will find a 640x480 image of Vyse and the gang.


CD audio track (DC)

     If you play your Skies of Arcadia disk in a CD player, you will hear a different message other than the normal, "This is a Dreamcast disk..." error message. The new message features Vyse, Fina, and Aika telling you not to use the game disk in a normal CD player.


CD image (DC)

     If you play your Skies of Arcadia disk in the Dreamcasts CD player, you will find that the picture of the disk has been replaced with SoA related art.

Save file pictures (DC)

     If you use more than one save slot in Skies of Arcadia, the icon for each save will be different, featuring a different character. Here is a list of the pictures:
Save file 1 Vyse
Save file 2 Aika
Save file 3 Fina
Save file 4 Cupil
Save file 5 Drachma
Save file 6 Enrique
Save file 7 Glider

     Thanks to all the people that helped me fill that list, I can't remember who all sent it unfortunately.

Wanted : Vyse?

     Next time you go to the  Discovery Guild at Nasrad, look on the wall near the stairs. There is a "Wanted" poster on the wall featuring mugshots of criminals. The first one on the list looks allot like Vyse, although he denies it.

Vyse Hamachou

     On Hamachou island, there is a Hamachou that looks strikingly like Vyse. He also will act like Vyse and mimic Cutlass Fury if you try to talk to him.

Changes during translation

     When Eternal Arcadia was translated to the English, they also had to change some of the games content due to the censorship required by the ESRB to get a "T" rating. Here is a list of some of the things in the Japanese version "Eternal Arcadia" that they had to change to keep it from getting a M rating here in the states.

(1) No smoking!
     In the Japanese version of SoA, Gilder would smoke in some of the battle victory scenes. Some NPC's also smoked, such as the large weapons vendor at Sailor's Island. This was removed, though I don't know why.

(2) Bellena's clothes
     In the Japanese version of Skies, Bellena's was showing more skin, if that is possible. :P Her clothes were skimpier, though not absent or transparent like once believed.

(3) Liquor is now Loqua
     Here in Skies, we see people in bars getting wasted on this "juice" called Loqua. However, in the Japanese version, there is no Loqua. It's called Liquor, and it's no juice, it's alcohol.

(4) Sailor's Island's Tavern door
     In Eternal Arcadia, the picture carved into the tavern door featured a glass of Liquor. But since they replaced Liquor with Loqua, I guess it would just match if they got rid of this too. It changed to a chicken leg in the English version.

(5) Vigoro and the cell scene
     Apparently, the cell scene in the game was toned down as not to suggest rape. In Eternal Arcadia, Vigoro doesn't wear a shirt, or has taken it off for this scene. Also, his little quote about being popular with the ladies was different, and instead had something to do about sleeping with them. Don't ask me, but you should now hate Vigoro as much as I do. ;)


Unpopular button functions (DC)

     There are some button functions that are in the manual but... who reads the manual? I didn't find out about these until I bashed my controller. So most likely, not everyone knows about them. ;)

Start = Skips Allies S-Move animations. Does not work in ship battles, magic, or enemy S-Moves.
X Button = Shows a description of the item, magic or S-Move you currently have selected. Also works in ship battles.


Are we missing something in here? Let us know!