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Here is a complete list of S-Moves, it will tell you all you need to know about each move.


Cutlass Fury
SM_Vyse_CF.gif (10572 bytes)

Spirit Points 7
Moonberries 0
Description Vyse viciously attacks one enemy with his swords. Good because of the damage it does for the SP it cost.

SM_Vyse_CS.gif (13358 bytes)

Spirit Points 1
Moonberries 1
Description Vyse goes into a defensive pose, cutting the damage he takes by half and counter-attacks all attacks against him. Very useful against early bosses.

Rain of Swords
SM_Vyse_RoS.gif (14158 bytes)

Spirit Points 14
Moonberries 2
Description Vyse jumps into the air and rains swords down on top of all enemies. Because it damages all enemies, It is useful for attacking all enemies. Perfect on groups of Loopers.

Skull Shield
SM_Vyse_SS.gif (10897 bytes)

Spirit Points 5
Moonberries 2
Description Protects all allies against normal attacks and counter-attacks them. Useful when fighting groups. Great with Loopers.

Pirate's Wrath
SM_Vyse_PW.gif (15937 bytes)

Spirit Points 21
Moonberries 4
Description Vyse attacks one enemy with his swords and sends a explosive shockwave at it. Probably the best offensive S-Move it the game, it is always useful against bosses.



Alpha Storm

Spirit Points 4
Moonberries 1
Description Aika shoots a blast of fire against enemies in a area.
Stinks later in the game.

Delta Shield
SM_Aika_DS.gif (13032 bytes)

Spirit Points 2
Moonberries 1
Description Aika protects all allies from all enemy magic.
Extremely useful all throughout the game. Especially when fighting multiple enemies with Slipara or Eterni.

Lambda Burst

Spirit Points 8
Moonberries 2
Description Aika causes the ground around the enemies to explode. Use in groups of weak enemies. Not very strong, use Noxus instead.

Epsilon Mirror

Spirit Points 10
Moonberries 2
Description Aika restores 10 MP and is defended from attacks.
Might be useful if you used only Aika for magic.

Omega Cyclone

Spirit Points 12
Moonberries 4
Description Aika causes the ground around the enemies to break off and fall into lava. This is Aika's most powerful S-Move.



Lunar Blessing
SM_Fina_LB.gif (12369 bytes)

Spirit Points 12
Moonberries 1
Description Fina gives all allies regeneration, all allies recover 200HP a turn. Can be useful in some long battles.

Lunar Glyph
SM_Fina_LG.gif (15124 bytes)

Spirit Points 3
Moonberries 1
Description Fina encases one enemy in stone. Some bosses can be stoned allowing you to prepare for a powerful attack.

Lunar Cleansing
SM_Fina_LC.gif (11293 bytes)

Spirit Points 6
Moonberries 2
Description Fina cures all allies of adverse effects, except unconsciousness. Can be useful when enemies use magic like Slipara or Noxus on the team.

Lunar Winds
SM_Fina_LW.gif (11313 bytes)

Spirit Points 6
Moonberries 2
Description Fina removes any beneficial effects from all enemies on the screen. Same thing as Lunar Cleansing, but reversed.

Lunar Light
SM_Fina_LL.gif (14232 bytes)

Spirit Points 18
Moonberries 4
Description Fina restores the whole teams HP, removes adverse effects and wakes up unconscious allies. Undoubtedly Fina's best S-Move. It is extremely useful in boss fights.




Spirit Points 10
Moonberries 1
Description Drachma charges one enemy with his arm.
Extremely useful against early bosses

Spirit Charge

Spirit Points 0
Moonberries 2
Description Drachma Focuses and guards against attacks.
Like Focusing, but better.

Hand of Fate

Spirit Points 25
Moonberries 4
Description Drachma knocks the lights out of one enemy.
For 25sp, it is made obsolete when your characters learn Eternum for 15sp.



SM_Gilder_GS.gif (16931 bytes)

Spirit Points 9
Moonberries 1
Description Gilder draws two pistols and lets 'em loose on enemies in a line. Looks & sounds awesome! Very good when you first get it.

Aura of Denial
SM_Gilder_AoD.gif (13795 bytes)

Spirit Points 3
Moonberries 2
Description Gilder blocks party from all adverse effects, except death. Good when fighting enemies that use allot of status changing attacks.

The Claudia

Spirit Points 18
Moonberries 4
Description Gilder orders The Claudia to open fire on all enemies on the screen. Like Rain of Swords, but cooler and more powerful.



Royal Blade

Spirit Points 8
Moonberries 1
Description Enrique attacks one enemy with his blade. It is Enrique's equivalent to Vyse's Cutlass Fury and about as useful.

Justice Shield

Spirit Points 4
Moonberries 2
Description Protects all allies by cutting the damage they take by half. Should be useful when you fight groups that use a Variety of attacks.


The Judgment

Spirit Points 16
Moonberries 4
Description Enrique sends one enemy to the coliseum for their punishment. Enrique's equal to Vyse's Pirates Wrath, just not as powerful.