Questions and Answers

     Throughout the time I've ran this site, I've recieved hundreds of questions about the game. This page consists of the most common questions I get from SoA players.

Where is the Looper's Nest?

     The Looper's nest is an area of the map which you'll never travel through in your travels. It's surrounded by sky rifts and is inaccessable until your ship is upgraded.

It's location is marked on this map.


What / Where is Elcian?

     Elcian is a hidden boss fight. He's a mysterious black Looper that shows up in the Dark Rift late in the game. He is extremely powerfull, and should be fought carfully. However, he gives a whole lot of experience when defeated, and you can fight him as many times as you want.


How do I use the Magic Cannon?

     You don't have to. The Magic Cannon allows you to use offensive spells, like Pyri, in ship battles, and it does not need to be equipped.


How do I access Pirate Island's port?

     The port has two doorways. One to the main area, another to a hidden treasure chest.

(1 - Main entry) Facing Vyse's house as a landmark, go to the right until you reach the edge of the island. You shall notice a path that goes down the side of the island and below a house. On the stone wall, there is a secret door. Walk up to it and press USE to open it.

(2 - Hidden entry) Facing Vyse's house as a landmark, go to the left. There is a large rock with righting on it. Press USE to open it.


What are the maximum levels?

     The highest character level is 99.
The max HP is 9999, the max MP is 99, the max for stats is 999, and the max level for Pinta's Quest is 100.


What is a Chom?

     A Chom makes Cupil puke up all his Chams back into your inventory. You can then re-use the Chams and Abriks to get a stronger form.


What is the Black map? Where do I get it?

     The Black Map is an item that keeps enemies from running away in battles. However, it slightly increases the random battle rate. They're randomly dropped from Loopers in battles.


Where is the Giant Looper?

     The Giant Looper is in the north-east of the Looper's Nest.


Where do I get the add-on weapons? (Dreamcast)

     You can buy the downloadable weapons from the Mystery Merchant. You will find him randomly in the Sailor's Island Inn and the Maramba Ship Parts store.


How do I use Pinta's Quest?

     Read the FAQ by SloDeth. You can find it here.


How do I see my Swashbuckler rating?

     Look in the bottom-right corner of Vyse's stat screen.


Where is Gordo's Bistro?

     Go north of the Iron Net in Ixa'taka. Follow the dark sky-rift to the north-east. The Bistro will only appear later in the game.


How do I see what element an enemy is using?

     Look at the colored frame around the picture of the enemy in the right-hand corner of the screen.


Is Skies of Arcadia compatible with the VGA adapter? (Dreamcast)

     The US version is, and it is beautiful. However, I am unsure if the PAL and JP versions are.


Is there a strategy guide available?

     Yes, in a way. I believe there was a Dreamcast guide made. It is, however, near-impossible to find as it was either re-called, released in low numbers, or was never released. For the Gamecube, there is a guide out there. I have never seen it myself, though. There are guides available in Japan.


Where is Itchlymis' Island?

     Above the clouds north of Valua.


Where is Ryu-Kan's island?

     Somewhere near the bottom right corner of the map.


I think I missed a Cham. Do I have to restart to get it?

     There is no Cham in the game that can be perminately missed. Same with the Abrik Chams. You can always get them at a later time.


How do I fish?

     You can fish by ramming your ship into a fish on the world map. You can eat the fish to recover some HP, or sell the fish for Gold.


Are we missing something in here? Let us know!