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How to know you have been playing SoA TOO much

This was made from a topic on the GameFAQs message board.
Thanks to everyone on the board that submitted these.
Some have been deleted or slightly altered.


If you look up 'Sailor's Guilds' in the yellow pages.
When you have your family make a flag, then put it on your car.
If you EVER say someone is "A few moonstones short of a bunch"
When you see a boat and say, "Ha! That one can only go on water!"
If you have EVER said "Aye Aye!"
When you get attacked by people every two seconds. 
When all store owners of a type look the same. 
When they usually try and run away after hitting you once. 
When you keep records of what you answer to people as it increases your rank. 
When you go around recruiting people to join your ''crew''. 
When you report in ''rare'' discoveries to people and demand they pay you for the info. 
When you try to buy info from people in your search for other discoveries. 
When you go to a museum, see a diamond and say, ''WOW~ A moon crystal!!!'' 
When you beg your grandpa to make your cars' windshield stronger 
When you dream of fish flying throughout your yard 
When you dig a subterranean garage 
When you see Santa clause and you ask him where his hammer is and if he can make you a tavern 
When you walk up to a midget and ask for exotic animals 
When you become a surgeon just for the sole purpose of collecting silver moon stones 
When you know how to play the SoA theme on the Piano. 
When you bought SoA its own Transparent blue VMU, like I did. 
When your GameFAQs message board ID is SoA related. 
When you hear Vice-President on the news, you think '' President Vyse'' 
When your dogs name is Cupil. 
When you buy an eyeglass hoping you can zoom in on stuff with it. 
When you know who should play Vyse in the movie 
When you have a working model of an airship 
When you write angry letters to the pentagon like 'What are we going to do if someone drops a moon on us?' 
When you accuse a math teacher of using blue magic 
When you 'correct' history books, substituting 'Ixa'Taka' for 'the Mayans' in every case 
When you get a parrot to look more like Gilder 
When you kick back and say things like 'Ever tell you about the time I escaped from the Grand Fortress?' 
When you write to the Health Department and recommend Curia Crystals for everyone 
When you call a boat ''Delphinus'' 
When you think Sylvester Stalone is Vigoro. 
When you think your grandma's sapphire necklace is the MAGA SPHERE. 
When you think the green giant on the pea can is ''Grendel'' 
When you try to look for crescent island on your local map. 
When you think your toilet is Cupil 
When you cut your dad's blue ties and buckle them up with clips and run around town with two cutlasses. 
When your walking to your school sees a innocent animal and cutlass fury all over it
When you see Japanese people and hoping to find Moegi 
When you see an unidentified flying object, it looks like the Albatross (Or the Delphinus, or the Albatross 2, or the, you get the idea). 
When you search the world for ''The Good Life''. 
When you dream about the characters too much. 
When in multiplayer matches of any game, your name has something to do with SoA 
When you make a Quake III model of an SoA character. 
When you do any kind of project in any grade, it has to do with SoA 
When you LOOK like and ACT like a character from SoA. 
When you create your own SoA toys or such. 
When you use Legos to create a model of the Delphinus (I have GOT to do this!). 
When you think your best friend will betray you, so you prepare some cutlasses. 
When you make a flag for your car. 
When you attach torpedoes and subcannons to your car. 
When you attach a military experimental weapon called a 'MoonStone' cannon.
When you try to board people's car and try to steal there possessions 
Whenever you see someone wearing silver and a silver hat you think its the prince of the Valuan's and he's gonna give you a ship. 
Whenever it rains you hide because you think its the rains of destruction
When the only things you start to say is stuff like ''Yeah!'' and ''Well that was easy!'' 
When you convince your best friend to join you in your ridiculous high-five routine 
When you think you can catch fish by running into them 
When you announce you sailed around the world, people look at you like you are nuts 
When you see a tuna as your best weapon 
When you freak out when you see an American battleship.
When you call anyone in a white dress ''Fina'' 
When you make a glass eye patch out of your dad's binoculars. 
When you dig in your backyard for moonstones for your car or Cham for your cat. 
When you're afraid to go swimming. 
When you insist your warn your mayor than an empire is going to kill the whole town off.
When you dye your hair white and wear a Spanish armada uniform. 
When you meet a bunch of tribes people and let them think you're their god.
When you hide inside all day if there is an eclipse 
When you ask oriental people to redecorate your house 
When you see semis on the road and you get the urge to board them 
When you close you eyes and yell 'Moons! Give me Strength!' every time you get in a fight 
When you start referring to Spaniards as 'Valuans' 
When you write notes in bottles and tie balloons to them instead of writing letters 
When you make a lifeboat for your car 
When you walk down the street chanting, 'crap...random battle, random battle' 
When you get a new car you offer to pay the salesperson 25,000 to go through walls
When you wake up in the morning and your wife asks ''Who's Fina!?'' 
When you go to a bar and order Loqua. 
When you buy two cutlasses and try to do Vyse's super moves with them. 
When you think the door-to-door salesman is a Looper. 
When you do the 2 above, and attack the salesman, thinking you'll get lots of gold (or money). 
When you think that painting a map black will make you historical. 
When your watch alarm goes off, your first thought is to look for a Cham.