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Finaneedshelp.gif (62941 bytes) Fina and horror movies...

Now Fina sees dead people... We need a doctor.

Galcian getting' funky!

Okay... This really scares me...

What is he going to do? Make Vyse dance?

galcianfunky.gif (24138 bytes)
FinaAllYourBase.gif (14233 bytes) ALL YOUR BASE...

Blah, Blah, Blah...

Poor Vyse

Everything happens to him...

Wallet.gif (139801 bytes)
Funny Skies.gif (41275 bytes) Vyse's Discovery

Can't live without it.

By : Z The missing Ixa Takan

Discipline : Dyne style

Quite effective too!

By : Z The missing Ixa Takan

Funny Dyne.gif (20273 bytes)
Aikadoorprize.gif (20067 bytes) Aika the not-so-bright

Least she can swim... wait...
she can't...

Aika's gas Problem 1

Why must Fina suffer?

AikaGasProblem2.gif (126212 bytes)
AikaGasproblem3.gif (131017 bytes) Aika's gas Problem 2

Tension is rising... in Aika's....

Note to self..

That hairspray was cheap for a reason...

AikaHairFire.gif (46304 bytes)
AikaHscope.gif (33578 bytes) Aika the superstitious

That CAN'T be good...

Aika's gas Problem 3

Urge to kill... rising...

Aikaripsone.gif (62870 bytes)
DeLocosEvilGun.gif (104543 bytes) De Loco's new weapon.

That is just EVIL!

Fina needs glasses...

The proof...

Fina_Looper.gif (76134 bytes)
Galciandelema.gif (44244 bytes) Galcian the undecided

That just ruins that bad dude look, doesn't it?


That's gotta hurt!

GalcianRipsOne.gif (31444 bytes)
RamirezSneeze.gif (33720 bytes) Ramirez the snot face

That also ruins the bad dude appeal!

Vyse the self-conscious

Time to go to Valua... MOP HEAD! HAHAHA!

VyseHair.gif (81588 bytes)
MmmTasteslikeChicken.gif (185796 bytes) I can't believe it's not Pow!

Oh wait... it WAS Pow...

Sent by : Drunken Aika

Osman... the fatter side


Osman_Bikini.gif (8699 bytes)
anicecouple.gif (63213 bytes) Vyse the perv


Sent by : Drunken Aika

Fina the weapon lover 1

In this pic, Fina tries out for Matrix 2.

Fina_Heat.jpg (118404 bytes)
Fina_ShotgunBlast.jpg (160567 bytes) Fina the weapon lover 2

Watch THAT Looper try
to run!


Even Cupil has friends!

FinaCupilandaLooper.gif (86735 bytes)
GilderSoA2.gif (63536 bytes) Gilder's dream

Keep dreaming Gil.


Um, can we even the teams out some please?

Ohcrud.gif (108321 bytes)
Runaway.gif (100951 bytes) Fina the one who has better things to do...

I am guessing she is going to go home and take the day off...

Belleza's Epiphany

I hate it when that happens!

By : Z The missing Ixa Takan

Belleza's_Epiphany.gif (51913 bytes)
Fina_The_Terrible.gif (125919 bytes) Fina's REAL plan...

Who is she really?

By : Z The missing Ixa Takan



By : Z The missing Ixa Takan

Gilder's_slipup.gif (14149 bytes)
Ramirez_Beano.gif (35746 bytes) Ouch!

Ramirez and Aika are in the same boat.

By : Z The missing Ixa Takan

Sonic of Arcadia 2


By : Z The missing Ixa Takan

sonic skies.jpg (28860 bytes)
Vyse_The_Regretful.gif (47220 bytes) Time for an apology

He doesn't mean it...

By : Z The missing Ixa Takan

Vyse the Space Marine

Isn't that from Starcraft?

By : Thanatos

vysemarine.jpg (17771 bytes)