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The Rejected Gigas

Here is a list of the rejected Gigas.
These ideas were either too stupid or proved to be too much of a plot twist.
These are FAKE, unless otherwise noted. If you have an idea for one, send it in!


Green Gigas

The Green Giant
Due to copyright reasons they had to modify the Green Giant Gigas. That is why the game ended up with Grendel

The plan for SoA was to have the green Gigas, Godzilla, to attack the Japan-like city of Yafutoma. The idea was rejected because of obvious copyright reasons.

Near the ending of Skies, Vyse was supposed to take Galcian one-on-one. To make it harder, they wanted to have Galcian mutate into the Hulk.
He would then grow and become a ship battle. There are many reasons for this one to be rejected.


Red Gigas


Racoonman.gif (10319 bytes)
When making the English version of SoA, translation problems accidentally changed the red Gigas, Recumen, to Racoonman. It was quickly fixed.


Purple Gigas

Barney was an idea for the purple Gigas as well! The story was that he had a song that would put ships asleep, then he would eat them. this was rejected because he would most likely turn anyone over 4 years old off of the game, and it was stupid.


Blue Gigas

Bluegigas.gif (8590 bytes)

The little Vyse Hamachou

The idea was that he would be a downloadable add-on fight. The writers dismissed this one

Yellow Gigas

Gigas_Pikachu.gif (10492 bytes)


Although Pikachu could perform electric attacks, Overworks could not strike a deal with Gamefreak, so this giga was rejected.
They also thought Pikachu would rule over Cupil for Skies of Arcadia's "Cute Factor"


nopicyet.gif (4378 bytes)


This idea made no sense. So they rejected it.

Silver Gigas

Gigas_Cupil.gif (6508 bytes)


Cupil was on the board to be the Silver Gigas!
However, this would of changed the plot so much that it was rejected.


Gigas_Fina.gif (7777 bytes)


Yes, even Fina was on the board to be the second silver Gigas! The Idea was that Fina would combine with Cupil and attack Valua. The writers then decided that it would be incredibly stupid for there to be two silver Gigas and rejected the idea.