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Skies of Arcadia Bloopers
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Others have also contributed to this mass of bloopers.
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An udder victory.

We did it.
CUT! Fina you're facing the wrong way! The camera's over here!

But you still have a human heart.
CUT! Wrong game Ryudo! Beat it!

<Dangral Island,Vyse makes the jump...and misses>
CUT!! Quick! Pull him out of the deep sky!

<Aika throws her boomerang> Here goes! <And it hits the director>

<Gilder fires his gun>
CUT! Get me another cameraman! Honestly Gilder, I lose more workers like that! WORK ON YOUR AIM!!

<Kalifa falls to the floor>
CUT! I told you! Use high quality strings!

Oops.<Urala drops her tray>

Yeah! Here it goes!<the cannon faces to the floor suddenly> Uh,oh...

<Pow chases the director>
CUT! CUT! CUT! CUT! Kill it! Kill it! Get him off me!!

<Vyse slides down the stair rail...and falls> OOF!
Oh my god...CUT! CUT! Is his neck broken!? Check him! Get an ambulance! Hurry! Hurry! Ichylmis get over here!!

<Anna suddenly runs in to hug Vyse while they were recording>
CUT! Get her of the set!

<The narrow escape scene...turns that they were too late and SLAM!>
Oh,dag...CUT! Get me another Little Jack!

CUT! Rhaknam that's not the sound you're supposed to make! How many times do I have to tell you, Lion King fanatic!?

What's the Carro doing on the set...Get rid of him, or I'll make you to act with Gilder in a gunfight and you'll only be armed with a fruitknife. GO! GO! MOVE IT!

CUT! Drachma, your arm fell off again!

Fina : I'm glad everyone is okay.....
Director : Excuse me, Fina, but you are the only survivor.
Fina : Oh ****

CUT! Aika the fight's already over! Aika? Hey, Aika! Oh crap... Hey, we're just acting you know! I didn't ask you to cast a real Slipara spell! Idiot! Someone get her a Curia Crystal!

Huh!? What in the moons!!? Looper Hunter!? These are my acting Loopers!! I could sue you for this!! No, that's too merciful. I'll make you act with Gilder!!

<Enrique jumps(falls) on the Delphinus head first...but never got up>
CUT! Hey, Enrique! We're waiting! The soldiers are already... Enrique?
<Aika checks him> Oh $#!+... he's really out...His nose is bleeding!
Ichylmis!! Aika, we're gonna have a little talk about you pushing him to hard!

Eewwww~! CUT! Enrique you're not suppose to puke yet!
Ugh, I can't help it...
Well, hold it in next time! Look how well Elena does it!

<Crouton runs in to kiss Vyse while they're recording>
CUT! What the hell is she doing here!? Get her off!

Here it goes. <Throws the boomerang too high> Um, I think I threw too hard.
You think...? CUT!

Don! I told you not to drink too much! Daaaiiiimn!

<Vyse accidentally drops the box on his feet> <BAM> AARRGH!!
CUT! <screams at the prop designer> I told you to not fill up too much!!

<Vyse climbs up to Lookout Island but slips when climbing> AAHHH....!
HOLY $#!+!! CATCH HIM! CATCH HIM! <They managed to catch him in time> Phew... <strikes Vyse on the head> BE CAREFUL NEXT TIME!!

<Silver Eclipse> <Rubs his face> Where there's light...
CUT! Ramirez, you rubbed your make up off! Not too hard next time! Airhead... Makeup!

<Vyse grabs Fina when they get the Delphinus back from the Valuans>
<Vyse> Let's go... Oops! (Fina slips out of his grip) Oh *&$*!!
<Fina> Aaaaaahhhhhhh!!!...
Vyse looking down into the sky..."Uhh, this isn't good"
Oh *^#^*&#%&^@(!!! Now HOW do you expect us to finish this Vyse??

CUT! CUT! Who let the fishes out!!? Catch em'! Catch em'!
Hey that's...
<Points a gun> Don't give me that Pokemon crap joke... Just catch em'!

CUT! Osman, your cat fell off!

CUT! Gilder!! <sigh> There goes another stiff...

<Ramirez removes his glove>
CUT! Wrong hand Ramirez! Wrong hand!

<On the Albatross...>
CUT! Fina wake up! You're suppose to wake up 3 minutes ago! How long do you want us to stare at you!?

<Crouton runs in towards Vyse and kisses him (seemingly) endless>
CUT! For love of Loopers, get out!! Get her off the set!

CUT! Fina, can you please tell Cupil that my shoe is not a Cham!?

In dire need...
We call for...
The pow...oops <Enrique drops his sword>

CUT! Where the hell is Bluheim!?
It's winter time sir. He's gone...
Don't even finish that sentence. Just get him back here. NOW!

CUT! Gilder what's taking so long for you to pick the bloody lock!?
I think it's really locked, sir.

<Yafutoma, Vyse rides the boat down the waterfall...but...>
Oh, hell! Pull him out! Pull him out! CUT! CUT! Hurry he's drowning!

CUT! Enrique, you're supposed to get used to the Delphinus by now!
<Urk...>Sorry sir...I'm not quite used to it yet. <Gulp>
Awww sick! Get him a bucket!

<Crouton runs in towards Vyse again...>
Vyse!! Huh? <Notices the director pointing a gun at her> Uh oh...
...Give me on good reason why I shouldn't shoot you.
Um, because the camera is still rolling and I can sue you for shooting at me. That will be my proof in court.
Huh? Uh oh...
Dance for me...<BANG, BANG, BANG>
(Don't worry I didn't hit you you managed to evade all my shots)

Oh my god! They killed Kenny!
You *******!
CUT! If you guys don't go to your own set, I'M GONNA KILL YOU BOTH! GIT LOST!

CUT! CUT! Hold everything! GRENDEL, WAIT!! Grendel, I know I told you to pick up a rock to throw, but I didn't say a mountain! Grab a smaller rock! I got actors in there you know! And ships aren't cheap! I already had to replace it once, don't let me do that again!

In Maramba, in the place where bellena is dancing.....
Aika- "So Vyse, what do you think of the plan?"
Aika- (looks at bellena, then back at Vyse, gets snake eyes ready) "VYSE!!!!!"
"CUT!!" Crap...we lost another one, someone snap Vyse outta it- he's not supposed to take more than 20 min gawking at Bellena!!!!
Vyse- (still just sitting there with goofy look on face)
Bellena- "Sigh...this is the 11th time!!! get it right!"

(Enrique walks on the set with a sign on his back that reads "Cutlass Fury Me")
(Vyse trying to conceal his giggles in the background)

Crescent Isle night scene, before battle...

Fina : Can we stay like this a little longer?
Director : Fade out and....... CUT!
Vyse : Fina, time for...
Fina : Zzzzzzz
Vyse : Fina?! Are you...
Fina : Zzzzzzz
Vyse : Time... to get... you in... your own bed...
Fina : (Talking in sleep) I don't wanna go back to the forest... Monsters will eat me...
Vyse : Aika and her stupid monster stories...

Umm...sir? I think you should read this before Vyse...um...
Hmm? Let me see that. Yada, yada, yada... Huh? The producer says Vyse needs a pilot's license? What for?
CRASH!!<The Delphinus crashes>
...Never mind. CUT!

Ungh...ungh...<pant, pant> Sorry sir I can't lift it up.
CUT! <sigh> Izmael it's just a block of wood! Lift and throw, that's all there is to it! Hit the gym, now!

CUT! Marco, what's taking so long!?
Sorry sir. Nothing today.

To infinity, and beyond!!
CUT! What the hell are you doing Vyse!?
Ha, ha, ha... Sorry sir, I heh, heh, I just couldn't resist.
Really? <Throws Vyse over the Delphinus>
Sorry, Vyse I couldn't resist! Ha, ha, ha...!!

(Crouton tries to run towards, but was then repelled by some sort of force field)Oof! Huh? What the?
Huh? CUT! Oh, hello Crouton. I see you noticed our very own firestorm defense. Got it from the GDI's in Tiberian Sun for 30,000 gold. What do you think?

CUT! Yeligar! Not yet! Don't wake up just yet!

<Vyse, on the rail train, trips and now dangling>
Stop the train! Keep recording.
Let me think? If I save you, I'll able to finish the film(game). If you die, I save money on asprin, but on the other hand, that nut Crouton would kill me. Hmm... tough choice...

CUT! Vyse, why in Looper dung did you try to zoom your scope into the sun!?

Oh crap...CUT! Kirala! Get out of that house, now! It's collapsing!
Huh? <looks up> WAAAAAAHHH!! <dashes>
<The house collapses>
Umm... you wanted to have a word with me sir?
<Grabs his head> Look at that I nearly lost one of my favorite actresses because of you!
S,sorry sir...
You better get to the workshop and work on a better "under-construction-looking-house", or I'll make you act as a stunt double for a cooked kabal meat!!

What!? What did I do this time!?
Nothing, Vyse. <Points at his own watch>Union break.

CUT! CUT! CUT! Hold it, Vigoro! Halt! Stop!
You were suppose to just hug her leg! Not kiss her! I don't see kissing in the script! <looks at the cameraman> Do you!?
Umm, no sir.
<looks at the first assistant director> Do you see any kissing scene in the script!?
N, no sir.
Vigoro where does it say kiss her!? Show me!!
I just thought that we should make a Romeo and Juliet kinda scene.
Oh, you wanna be Romeo... BANG<Shoots him(no fatal hit, don't worry)>. OK, "Juliet" drink this. It's not poison, it's Lysol. Just as good as poison only "cleaner".

What!? What did I do now!? Oh, sorry. I stepped with my left foot first; should have been my right first.
No, Vyse. Outta film.

What the? An earthquake?
<A subterranean APC suddenly rises. Crouton comes out of the vehicle and runs towards Vyse>
CUT! Dip me in $#!% and roll me in bread crumbs! Not that, that ...AAAAARRRRGGGGGHHHHH!! Pinta, give me that wrench!!<snatches it from Pinta>
Vyyyoooh....<notices Argama charging with a really large wrench>
GET OFF MY SET!!! <Swing, swing, swing> GET!! GIT!! GIT!!
<She runs out the door>
Pant, pant, pant... Izmael, Kirala!!
Yes sir?
Ba Bam! You called?
We're going to the next scene. It doesn't involve you both, so I want you two to stay here and pave this place.
It will cost ya.
WROOOONG!!! It will cost "you"!!
<gulp> OK, F.O.C. it is heh, heh...

(Cameraman) Um, sir?
Shouldn't we tell Vyse that he has a hole in the rear of his pants? He is going "commando" you know.
Yeah, we should....later. Keep rollin'. Maybe I can use it to “bribe” that nutty woman from coming here.