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<Q> What type of deodorant does Drachma use?
<A> WD-40


What do you get when you cross Vigoro with rock music?

You get an Elvis wanna-be that can't sing.



If you want to act like He-Man, grab a sword and stand on the peak of one the mountains in Valua then stick your sword into the sky screaming "I HAVE THE POWER!!".Then get struck by lightning just like He-Man.


Now why did the Looper cross the sky?
TO GET TO THE OTHER SIDE(A casual joke from kids in Arcadia)


One day to Air Pirates were talking to each other and one says"I've met a man with a glass eyepatch named 'Vyse'."
The other guy says "Then what's the name of his other eye?"


One day on Crescent Isle, Fina goes to check her mail. She brings the mail into her house to open it.

When she does, she screams and falls to the floor.

Fina's scream attracts Aika. When she goes to Fina's house to see what was wrong she sees Fina on the floor very sick. Aika then asked Fina what the problem was, then Fina held up a calendar she had got in the mail. FAT WOMEN IN SWIMSUITS and it has a picture of Osman on the cover. Aika screams and falls to the floor.

Vyse, who was walking outside the house at the moment heard Aika scream. Vyse then rushes in Fina's house to see what the problem was. When he enters, he sees both Aika and Fina on the floor twitching sickly. He says, What's going on in here?!? Are you two alright?

Just then, Aika shows the picture to Vyse. He gasps for air and falls to the floor twitching.

After all this, Gilder walks in to see what was going on, so Vyse shows Gilder the picture.

Gilder says, "Ugggh!!"

Vyse then says, " Gilder...... h... how can you stand it? Why aren't you falling down??? Are you gay or something?

Gilder then says, "I am now!"


Why did Alfonso climb over the transparent glass wall?
-To see what's on the other side.


How Ramirez became a "bad apple"

Ramirez: Mmmm, these apples are good!

Galcian: ::rubbing hands together while laughing sinisterly:: Yes...Yes they are!...and you can have all the apples you want! ::opens up door with a room full of apples flooding out::

Ramirez: Goody!


Aika and Fina walk into Osman's for a loan.

After Osman rejects them, Fina says,
"Gee, I didn't know it was physically possible for one to be a Fat***, a Smart*** and a Dumb*** all at the same time."


One day at Vyse's base, Aika, came back from here exploration trip. Vyse and Fina welcomed her.

Aika: Vyse! You wouldn't believe what I found!!

Vyse: Let's talk after diner.

After their meal, Aika unloaded her pack.

Vyse: what is that?

Fina: It has strange writing on it.

Aika: I know, it says..S-E-G-A. Sega.

Vyse: It's a small white box. What's this?

Vyse picks up what looks like a DC controller.

Fina: Strange...

Vyse: Well, plug it in and let's see what happens!

Aika plugs the power cord in and the box starts up.

Vyse: What is it doing?

Aika plugs the video and sound cord in their TV.

Aika: I also found this.

Aika takes out the Skies Of Arcadia game case and disk.

Fina: It has our pictures on it.

Vyse: Ha Ha Ha! We must be famous!

Aika puts the game disk in and it starts up. They go to the title screen, and start a new game.


Fina: Aika! Where actually did you get this?

Aika: Um..well I bought it from a strange looking guy..

Vyse: How much you pay for it?

Aika: 666,666 Gold.

Vyse: WHAT! Hey, 666,666 gold!! What the hell!?

Evil voice: Hell indeed....MWA HA HA HA! All your base are now belong to us!!!


When Vyse looks at Pow, I bet he thinks, "Mmmmmm... Doggie meat!"


Q) What type of car does Aika drive?

(A) A Kia


(Q) What brand of TV does Fina use?

(A) None, they don't have TV's on Arcadia.


(Q) What does Osman have in common with Pokemon?

(A) They are both annoying and should be shot.


(Q) If Grendel falls down in the Forest, and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?

(A) Yeah! He says "Ahhhhh! My back!"


(Q) If the Skies cast were to be boxers, what would there names be?

(A) Here :
--- Vyse the Scarface
--- Aika the Annoyer
--- SupahFat Osman the Sickener
--- Fina the Silver Surfer


(Q) What would happen if a Airship crashed into the lands of ice?

(A) They would call it the Titanic 2!


(Q) What does Ramirez think about Pokemon?

(A) Gotta KILL them all!


(Q) What would happen if the silver shrine fell into Earth's atmosphere?

(A) Already happened, they just called it Mir.


(Q) What did Fina say to the elders on the shrine after returning from Arcadia?

(A) Waaaaahhhhhhzzzzzzzzzzaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaapp?!?


(Q) What would you call Pow if he bit Galcian?

(A) Dead.


(Q) What would happen if Vyse and Fina had wings?

(A) Nothing, that's just stupid.


(Q) What would happen if Gilder was locked in a bedroom with Osman.

(A) He would jump through the window.


While the crew of the Delphinus retires on Crescent Isle, Vyse decides to explore the base, including the cabins. He enters Aika's room and says, "Wow, Aika has a picture of me on her dresser." He then walks into Fina's room and says, "Wow, Fina has a picture of me on her dresser." He then walks into Enrique's room and says, "Wow, Enrique has a picture of... ME?!


As the Valuans invade Crescent Isle, Ramirez walks out of the flames, stares Vyse directly in the eyes, and says...::

"All your base are belong to us"


Aika is out milking a cow, she comes in and says, "Vyse, that cow is SO hard to milk!"
Vyse replies, "Just keep trying..."
Aika goes back out and tries to milk it again.
Then Fina comes up and says to Vyse, "Shouldn't we tell her that is a MALE cow?"
Vyse replies, "Nah, I am enjoying this..."
<Sound of Aika getting knocked to ground with angry moos>


Vyse and Fina are out playing golf one day. Vyse hit's the ball and misses. He says @#%$! I missed! Fina replies, "Vyse, don't say that. It angers the moons." Vyse doesn't listen and continues to play, he misses again and says @%#$! I missed! Fina says again, "Vyse! Don't talk like that, the moons don't like it!" Vyse ignores Fina's warning again and continues to play. He hits the ball and misses. Again, he says @#$%! I missed! Just before Fina can get on to him again, lightning comes from the sky and hits Aika playing off in the distance. Then they hear a deep godly sounding voice that says, "@#$%! I missed!"