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The Gigas

This is a list of all 6 of the Gigas, as well as a little information on it.
WARNING -- Some of the information on the Gigas can give away
major plot details. Proceed with caution!

The Red Gigas

Recumen is the first Gigas you fight.
He is hidden right in front of the Temple of Pyrynn.
Recumen attacks only with the "Red Ray" a laser he shoots from one of
his four heads. Recumen is the easiest Gigas battle in the game if you
know how to do it, it is easy to fight it without losing any HP.

The Green Gigas

Grendel is the second of the Gigas that you will meet.
He is buried in the forests of Ixa'Taka. He has physical attacks,
he will throw punches and chunks of rock at you, and if you are close
to the ground, he will kick and stomp you. When fighting him, it is not
necessary to destroy him, instead, you have to knock him into a gorge
to disable him and take the Green Crystal.

The Blue Gigas

Bluheim is the first Gigas you will fight that can fly. It is sealed
in the top of Mount Kazai in Yafutoma. Where years of volcanic
activity has sealed it behind a wall of solid rock.
He uses wind & water attacks. The fight with him is not too hard,
just keep your ship in good condition.

The Purple Gigas

Plergoth is the first Gigas you will encounter, and the only Gigas you will not fight.
Plergoth, over time, has earned the name Rhaknam. Drachma, without knowing,
has been hunting the purple Gigas his whole life. He takes refuge under the lands of ice.
When he travels, he brings thick fog with him, because of his body temperature.
Do not underestimate Plergoth's power... many did and many died.

The Yellow Gigas

Yeligar is the yellow Gigas. He was sealed under the 'Maw of Tartas' in Valua
generations ago and put to sleep by the Silvetes. Yeligar has the power of
electricity and is very powerful. The battle against him is not hard,
but be sure to keep your ships HP up high because this guy can pack a punch.

  The Silver Gigas

Zelos is the Silver and final Gigas you will fight. Zelos has the power to 'call down'
the Rains of Destruction. Once the Silvetes realized what monster they had created,
They sealed it in Soltis and sent it into deep sky. However, Zelos' power does not
stop with the Rains, it can merge itself with any Silvete and become invincible. Zelos
can also change its shape, much like Cupil. This will be one of the hardest ship battles
you will fight, just keep damaging it, little by little.