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These are computer games made by fans for your computer.

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Looper Hunting
By : Looper Hunter

You all know what a Looper is. They are those annoying little bad guys that attack you and run away before you can get your revenge. Well, now you can!

You use your mouse to aim and shoot as many Loopers you can. There is one goal Shoot Loopers.

Download now! - HuntLoopers.zip - 798 Kb


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Pinta's Adventure
By : Samuel Bunn

You play as Pinta. You are on a quest to get 5000 gold. You can get gold by picking up gold on your quest. However, there are also rocks that you must dodge to get the gold. Retrieving 5000 gold wins the game. But hitting a rock makes you loose a life. If you lose all five of your lives, you will go down in flames.

Download now! - PintasAdv.zip - 1.47 Mb


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Skies of Arcadia - Garpa Fruit pull
By : Samuel Bunn

You play as Vyse. It is your job to pick Garpa fruit. On each level, there are five patches. On the first level, one of the patches is a bomb. On the fifth level, all but 1 patch are bombs. If you can complete the 5th level, you win!

Download now! - SoA_Garpa.zip - 567 Kb


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Looper Games
By : Daniel C. Bunn

There are 5 differant game modes. Only one game mode is single player though. This is really a two player game. It is real fun if you hook up a joystick to your computer. Game modes like Looper assault and Protect the VIP keep you playing for a while. New versions of this game may be made later, but this is not a sure thing.

Version without music, for slower computers
Download now! - LG_NM.zip - 721 Kb

Version with music, for faster computers
Download now! - LG_WM.zip - 3.39 Mb