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Half-Life Color Decals

Click on a image to Download

Inside each .Zip file is a file called "pldecal.wad"
Put this file in your Half-Life Mod folder. Example...

Half-Life = C:\Sierra\Half-Life\Valve
Team Fortress = C:\Sierra\Half-Life\TFC
Counter-Strike  C:\Sierra\Half-Life\cstrike

Once you have installed the decal, you cannot go into the player
customization screen or it will reset the decal to a monochrome one.


Note : The solid blue on the pictures are transparent in the game.

AnotherFinaHL.bmp (11830 bytes) VyseownyouHL.bmp (11830 bytes) AikaHL.bmp (11830 bytes)
GunslingerHL.bmp (11830 bytes) RamirezHL.bmp (11830 bytes) AlfonsoHL.bmp (11830 bytes)
FinaHL.bmp (10102 bytes) FinaHL3.bmp (11830 bytes)

PinHL.bmp (1590 bytes)

nfhl2.bmp (11318 bytes) DontDisFinaHL.bmp (11318 bytes)