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Discovery Maps

Use the # markers on the maps together to the markers on this list.
There are three maps, Normal Altitude, Low Altitude, and High Altitude.

High Altitude map

Normal Altitude map

Low Altitude map

Altitudes :
N = Normal Altitude
L = Low Altitude
H = High Altitude

Type :
VF = Visible floating in mid air.
VL = Visible on land.
IL = Invisible but somewhere on or around land.
IF = Invisible and floats. Not connected to land. These are the hard ones.
S = Special, these are triggered by the game when you enter certain areas.
M = Moves.

# Type


1 IL N Pirate's Grave
2 IL N Guidestones
3 IL N Sky Coral
4 IL N Silver Moon Pit
5 IL N Topple Rock
6 VF,M N Wandering Lake
7 IL N Oasis
8 IL N Sandfalls
9 VL N Temple of Pyrynn
10 IL N Beak Rock
11 IL N Sky Anemone
12 S N Ixa'Taka
13 IL N Garpa Fruits
14 IL N The Great Bird
15 IL N Golden Man
16 IL N The Gates of Rixis
17 IL N Ixa'Takan Palace
18 IL N Ixa'ness Village
19 IF N Mysterious Rings
20 IL N Will o' Wisps
21 IL N Roc's Nest
22 IL N The Giant Throne
23 IL N Lighthouse Ruins
24 IL N Ancient Place
25 IL N Skull Rock
26 IL N Stone City
27 IF N Ship Graveyard
28 IF N Philosophy Stone
29 IF N Balloon Flower
30 S N The Lands of Ice
31 IL N The Icebirds
32 IL N The Frozen Giant
33 S N Aurora
34 IL N Blimp Wreck
35 IL N Giant Squid Nest
36 IF N Black Moonstone
37 S N Yafutoma
38 S N Guardian Walls
39 IL N Uguisu's Nest
40 VF,M N Wanderbirds
41 IL N Dheerse
42 IL N Grieving Prince
43 IF N Spice Island
44 IF N Mystic Orchard
45 IF N Inverse Isle
46 S N The World is Round
47 IL N Ruins of Rolana
48 VL L Southern Cross
49 IF H Rainbow Island
50 VL H Moonstone Lake
51 VL H The Iron Star
52 IL H The Alupas
53 IL H Observatory
54 IF L Dancing Lights
55 IF H The Mother Tree
56 VF,M H The Ghost Ship
57 VF,M H Flutterflies
58 IF H Eclipse Point
59 IL N Loopers' Nest
60 IL L Flying Machine
61 IL L Valuan Wreckage
62 IL L Rabbats
63 IF L Bottomless Pit
64 VF L Ancient Fish