Special attack details

     When you max out your SP meter during a hand to hand battle, two new group S-Moves will become available. Prophecy, and The Blue Rogues Attack. With both of these attacks will always "move first" or in other words, they will always attack before the enemy gets a chance to make their moves. These moves only work after you have the Delphinus and a crew (for the second attack.) These can't be used in airship battles, and like the other s-moves, can't miss. Below is some more in depth details on both special moves.


     Prophecy requires 4 party members, and they must all be alive and without negative side effects. It is extremely powerful and damages all enemies on the screen. However, it becomes less useful when Vyse's S-moves like Pirates Wrath become more efficient to use based on SP used vs. damage inflicted. This move useful almost exclusively on bosses, especially ones that can render themselves invulnerable for one round. Unless you have a high SP regen rate, this is useless on all but the hardest random battles.

The Blue Rogues attack

The Blue Rogues attacks sends your ship's current crew out to do their thing. The move will do two things, deal damage, and heal the party. Depending on who you have in your crew, the effect will be different. Some crew members add to the amount of damage done, others to the amount of HP restored. Below is a list of all the crew members and what effect they have on the attack. Click on the crew member's name to get more detail on that character and how to recruit them.

A Blue highlighted name means the member is a Attacker, a red highlighted name means the member is a healer.


Name Name
Helmsman Lawrence Don
Engineer Brabham Hans
Gunner Khazim Belle
Lookout TikaTika Domingo
Merchant Kilifa Osman
Builder Izmael Kirala
Cook Urala Polly
Artisan Ilchymis Ryu-Kan
Sailor Marco Robinson
Jester Pow Merida
Delegate Pinta Moegi