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PostPosted: Sat Sep 02, 2006 12:11 am    Post subject: Discoveries Reply with quote

If you need help finding discoveries you've come to the right place. Some I can't find either and i'm new here and I can't say every discovery, but I do have a lot! So here you have it:

Discovery #1
Name: Pirates Grave
Place: On a small island just north of Pirate Isle
Pay: 120 Gold

Discovery #2
Name: Guidestones
Place: Directly north of Sailor's Island. On a small island.
Pay: 40 Gold

Discovery #3
Name: Sky Coral
Place: East of Shrine Island, it is on a bigger green island. You'll have to fly through the sky reef.
Pay: 680 Gold

Discovery #4
Name: Silver Moon Pit
Place: It is on the stretchy island near Sky Coral, but it's on the eastern side of the island,you'll have to be through the sky reef.
Pay: 1600 Gold

Discovery #5
Name: Topple Rock
Place: It's on the same island of Maramba but behind one of the mountains. Through the sky reef.
Pay: 160 Gold

Discovery #6
Name: Wandering Lake
Place: To the north of Maramba, it's a floating island with water on the middle and is moving around on the big island desert.
Pay: 400 Gold

Discovery #7
Name: Oasis
Place: It is to the southeast of Maramba. It is on the smaller area near the mountains.
Pay: 500 Gold

Discovery #8
Name: Sandfalls
Place: To the west of Oasis, on a big island all the way near the clouds, very noticable.
Pay: 680 Gold

Discovery #9
Name: Temple of Pyrynn
Place: All the way north of Maramba, it's until you reach the end of the desrt, very noticable.
Pay: 280 Gold

Discovery #10
Name: Sky Anemone
Place: It's in the southeastern part of the South Ocean. On a medium-sized, round island.
Pay: 720 Gold

Discovery #11
Name: Beak Rock
Place: West of Sky Anemone. It's on a large, round island.
Pay: 800 Gold

Discovery #12
Name: Ixa'Taka
Place: Found after crossing South Ocean
Pay: 220 Gold

Discovery #13
Name: Garpa Fruits
Place: It is under Horteka, near the roots on the northern part under the island.
Pay: 180 Gold

Discovery #14
Name: The Great Bird
Place: It is on the floor where the Golden Man's finger is pointing to you at. It is obvious if you look on the floor you should see a painting of a bird. It is a discovery you'll need during the game.
Pay: 240 Gold.

Discovery #15
Name:Golden Man
Place: It is on the pillar on the west of The King's Hideout. Right next to it. You'll need this discovery during the game
Pay: 240 Gold.

Discovery #16
Name: Gates of Rixis
Place: You'll need it during the game. It is on the direction that the Great Bird's beak is pointing you at. It's there all ready on the floor next to one of the pillars.
Pay: 600 Gold

Discovery #17
Name: Ixa'taken Palace
Place: South of the Golden Man, between a pair of rocks on the ground.
Pay: 240 Gold

Discovery #18
Name: Ixa'ness Village
Place: Found on the floor of one of the islands, to the southwest of Horteka.
Pay: 1200 Gold

Discovery #19
Name: Mysterious Rings
Place: It's in the North Ocean east from Roc's Nest
Pay: 950 Gold

Discovery #20
Name: Will o' Wisps
Place: It is on an island in the North Sea, north of the Iron Gates
Pay: 1900 Gold

Discovery #21
Name: Roc's Nest
Place: It is in the island right in front where you enter the Iron Gate
Pay: 2200 Gold

Discovery #22
Name: Giant Throne
Place: It is on a rocky island on the eastern part of North Ocean. Really noticable.
Pay: 1600 Gold

Discovery #23
Name: Lighthouse Ruins
Place: It is on an island right where the North Ocean meets Valuan Empire.
Pay: 1700 Gold
I am a sailor called Jonathan who's always riding his boat, living my dream of searching for each discovery with my own eyes!
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